Save the Union.

Scrap the protocol.

Save the Union

We are raising money to cover the cost of legal advice, as well as applying for and conducting a judicial review of the Protocol. 

We expect the case to cost up to £150,000 in legal fees. ALL funds raised will go to covering legal costs and nothing else.

We will report back to you at every stage of the process by posting updates on this website.

Break away from the EU

Boris Johnson, The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, has unlawfully implemented the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This puts a border down the Irish Sea and fundamentally changes the constitutional position of Northern Ireland, resulting in immense damage and threatening the Union of the United Kingdom.

Scrap the Protocol

The Protocol breaches the Act of Union 1800, the Northern Ireland Act 1998, the Belfast Agreement and indeed the Article 50 process laid out in the treaties for the European Union.

The new border down the Irish Sea is a powerful symbol of Northern Ireland’s resulting severance from Great Britain.